My dear,

Love your children wholeheartedly. Give your children nothing less than all of you.

In time, they will outgrow you, they will rebel, and they will leave the nest. But if you loved them with your all, they will find someone who’s outgrown you too, they will rebel against the world to stick by your side in the hard times, and they will leave the nest to build a bigger and better one with the wisdom you’ve imparted upon them.

But give them anything less than you’re all and, yes, they will still leave you; but only in body. In mind they will chase you in everyone and everything they seek, asking and pleading for them (for you) to show them the love they deserved.

Love your children reliably and they’ll gracefully outgrow you. Ignore them and they’ll be obsessed with you for life.

Falsely yours,
Alain de Botton