My dear,

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.

And what we need to be is always ahead of us.


Think of it in terms of a video game. Say you’re at level 1 of how great you can be, now – what you need to be is at level 2. And when you reach level 2, where you need to be then is at level 3. And when you finally reach level 3 huffing and puffing and all out of breath, you’ll realize you need to on level 4.

This arcade game called life has no final level, there is always a better level you can be at.

Your choice in the matter is to see this in either a negative light, and give up on the spot because you can’t win. Or to see it in a positive light and realize winning is not the point of the game; getting to a higher level and being a better you consecutively is.

So, will you play this game called life? Will you try at it?

Falsely yours,
Max De Pree