My dear,

Why are you good?

Are you good because you’ve been told to be good? Conditioned not to stray? Are you polite because you want to be? Or because society said it was wrong to be impolite? Do you cross the street only when it’s flashing green? Come on! Even when there are no cars, late for work, and you’re about to miss your bus across the street? Are you good or bad then? Do you pirate music? Isn’t that bad? Or is it still being good because society accepts that as the new norm?

Are you scared?

Scared to be bad? Truly bad. Scared you’d never be good again once you’ve gone bad? Scared to cross the line?

Anything done out of fear has no moral value.

The only way you can truly be good is if you tried being good, and you’ve tried being bad, and being good feels better.

To me if you’re good because you’re scared to cross the line into being bad, considered bad, then you’re not really good at all; You’re systemized. You’re mentally trapped in a box you’ve been told not to leave.

So… why are you good? Really, why?

Falsely yours,
Alan Oswald Moore