My dear,

Today you wrote a letter that made someone smile in the morning. That someone took that pleasant feeling and passed it along by helping their elderly neighbour cross the street. That neighbour, seeing just how kind people in the world can be, spared her last two quarters by giving it to a man, homeless, and down on his luck. The man slowly got up, walked to a public telephone and called his daughter (who he had not spoken to in years), to apologize for leaving her as a kid. His daughter, unbeknownst to him on the verge of suicide that very second, cried on the other end of the line because finally, after so long, something positive happened… and she put down the razor.

Remember, all you did today was write one tiny itty-bitty letter with the thought that it would maybe, just maybe, make a difference.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

It really does.

Falsely yours,
William James