My dear,

The writer notices more than just trees when they look towards the forest – they see the mood the forest creates, the back and forth sway of the leaves, and the pace of the squirrels around said trees.

When a dancer notices motion in all its forms they see more than just walking or running or jogging. They see the thrust of the legs, the counterbalance of the upper and lower halves of the body, and the all-together motion of the human soul being transferred to the human body.

The world can be amazing when you’re slightly strange.

And from an outsiders perspective the writer and dancer are weird beings indeed. Seeing more than what the ordinary person is seeing?! Emotion from trees? Souls from movement? How weird these writers and dancers must be… And all the other people like them.

In all that judgement the outsiders forgot to notice just how happy these weird beings were.

Falsely yours,
A. Nonymous