My dear,

Don’t work for money.

Sure in the beginning working for money seems like the far better option. And sure, working at what you love will take far longer to show fruit than working for money ever will. But in the end (let’s say 20 years later), you’ll find that every single day that you go to that job you took for money feels like forever. The days can’t end fast enough.

But if you work for love, all that time that you put in – all that time that nobody recognized, will pay off. For in the end you’ll wake up each day filled with vigor to go and do what you love. And the days will end far too fast for your liking.

If you’re working for money one day will feel like forever. If you’re working for love forever will feel like one day.

Just think about the end-goal in all your choices. In 20 years or so, will you wake up happy doing what you’re doing now? Or will you wake up dreading every single day?

Falsely yours,
Daymond John