My dear,

The way people move is their autobiography in motion.

An autobiographical film of sorts.

The old ladies at the bus stop move so because they grew up in quieter times when things were slower. That young brash kid fidgets because he’s antsy, not nerves, and he’s filled with so much spunk! The man coming out of the power-plant has bulky movements, representations of the toil he’s had to carry throughout his life and job. Even the newborn babies are already writing their autobiographies in motion; just look at them stand in awe of nature, cry when sad, and laugh oh so sweetly in times of joy – their autobiographies are free of the barriers we learn to put up as we grow older, and thus theirs stories are truer.

Motion is something a dancer has to know and recognize. And recognizing that people don’t just dance on stages, but throughout their whole lives, is one of the first things to learn.

Falsely yours,
Gerry Spence