My dear,

It’s angered all who cross it for the first time. It’s destroyed nations one mind at a time. It’s established close friendships only with the outcasts, the skeptics, and all but them distrust it – actually, the tragedy of it all is that even they distrust it, being skeptics.

The Truth is a wandering homeless man with no clothes, moving from street to street, house to house, door to door, begging everyone that it comes across to shelter it, no one complying because of its blatant nudity and loud demeanor.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

And this is why, when it comes to your intellectual door, you will not house it within you the first time you come across it. But don’t worry, it’s known to frequent the same doors every now and then.

Falsely yours,
Gloria Marie Steinem