My dear,

No matter what you’ve heard…

True strength is delicate.

True strength comes from years and years of focus on a particular subject. And thus we are not all truly strong all the time. For we grow in some areas more than most. We are not round characters (forget what you’re English teacher said), we more resemble the blob. The being which is more defined in some areas than in others. And even in that defined skill (field) of ours, we are not truly strong in it all the time; for growing needs weakness to be present. But when you’re not training in your field, and you’re showcasing the art and soul of it to the outside world so that they too may enjoy it – that’s when your true strength pops in.

… True strength is delicate, you can’t hold it forever. But when you do – fully grab it!

Falsely yours,
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson