My dear,

The tech and business communities are weird.

The say live life to the fullest in one breath, yet in the same say that if whatever you’re doing doesn’t change or affect the world then it counts for nothing. Believe me I’m probably one of the most determined people when it comes to changing the world, but that doesn’t meant that everything else is unimportant.

Taking care of my children is important, and it will most likely only affect mine and their happiness. Traveling the world is important, and it will only affect me if I do it. Relaxing is important, and we all know that can’t change the world… yet it’s still important.

Things don’t have to change the world to be important.

Things have to change the world to be important to the world, but not everything you do must be important to the world. Most things you do will be important to just you, your family, and the people you call friends. And if affecting just them suits you fine and keeps you in joyous company then I say don’t worry about the world. Enjoy the days. Enjoy the moments. Enjoy your life.

Falsely yours,
Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs