My dear,

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.

For when I took the one less traveled I saw what most don’t see… and more I imagine. I saw the wild, I saw untamed land, and I saw beasts! Oh, how I saw beasts that knew not of man. Great and wonderful beasts. They welcomed me amongst their own, for they hadn’t yet learnt of the cruelty of man.

Oh what I sight it was. These were not the beasts I was raised to fear. The beasts that consumed my dreams with their bloodshed and eyes that glow with hunger and hate. These beasts were kind and noble. So noble in fact that I can no longer call them beasts without feeling shame descend upon me. For these beasts were me – with different clothing. How could have hated them so?! How could the world hate them so?!

And as I left the woods I walked upon the more traveled road with new light. I saw it for what it was. Weary and boring and beast-less.

Oh, how I yearn for the days I find myself upon a road that diverges in the woods, for I miss the path less traveled. I miss the noble beasts.

Falsely yours,
Robert Lee Frost