My dear,

It’s not the revolution that pisses me off, but its inaction.

Just because people are coming together to complain louder than any of them can individually doesn’t mean anything’s changing. Look around, people are still using their bank accounts, getting scammed out of their money; the people who complain that their taxes are only going to their corrupt government are still paying their taxes; and the people who know that television, and commercials, and billboards, are still watching these same things, only they’re doing it online now and they deem that better somehow.

People prefer to complain about the tyrant rather than asking themselves why they obey him.

The mob is never going to change things. Change is going to come from a lone individual. Because the mob is always about keeping things the mob as a whole likes, and that’s how we got screwed in the first place. No, change is going to come from that individual who is brave and smart and at the same time foolish enough to realize that they have to act, act quick, and act without approval.

All change comes from action. And all action comes from self-reflection. Complaining, alone, is worth diddly-squat.

Falsely yours,
François Proust