My dear,

You might think that I’m worse off now, you know, after that outburst of mine that ruined my whole reputation. You might think that life is harder for me now. And frankly, you might be wrong. … Actually, you are wrong.

I’ve never felt so free in my life. Do you realize I can say whatever I want, whenever, to whoever? Do you realize that I don’t have to keep up with anybody unless I choose to now?

In a way I picture it as so: Who is more free? The businessman or the beggar? The businessman is confined to wearing suits. But the beggar, oh he can suits, rags, or nothing whatsoever if he chooses. No one judges him even less. So I beg to ask, who is more free?

Once you’ve ruined your reputation, you can live quite freely.

Falsely yours,
A. Nonymous