My dear,

Steve Jobs was said to be obsessed about making the best technology possible with the simplest method possible. Michael Jordan was said to be obsessed with being the best basketball player of his generation. And thousands of other greats were said to be obsessed about something.

They were told to slow down, relax, and to not pursue their goal so intently. They were told they didn’t have to work so hard. They were told they were obsessed, and that obsession is a horrible trait.

They were told wrong.

Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.

And sooner or later you’ll realize that a majority of the world is lazy. Not because they’re lazy by birth (some are, but not all), but because they themselves have nothing to be obsessed about. And people who have nothing to be dedicated about usually dedicate themselves to de-dedicating the dedicated.

Do not fall for the trap. Obsessed and dedicated are both compliments.

Trust me.

Falsely yours,
Russell Warren