My dear,

In terms of survival, normal was created for a reason. The normal people, who followed the rules, and the leaders who made those rules, survived. The weird ones; the ones who said there were better ways to live and departed from society, the ones who saw the leaders and didn’t want to follow them, the ones who took the bewildering decision to build their own paths when someone else’s was already laid down before them pre-made, they died off.

And so we are normal. For history teaches us that we are a species that does anything to survive, over and over again.

Normal is the path that stares at life. Weird is the path that stares at death. It takes nothing to stare in the face of life, but to stare in the face of death, and tell it that you’re going to beat it with a smirky on your face, that takes heart. That takes courage.

Normal is for people without any courage.

Everything else is for the people who are weird enough to be courageous.

And trust me, the courageous are a weird, unnatural kind. Nature designed them to follow, yet they don’t… how unnatural.

Falsely yours,
Zachariah Miller