My dear,

It seems that in everything you do people want to categorize you, to label you.

You can’t just be a dancer; you must either be a ballet dancer, a contemporary dancer, a hip-hop dancer… a popper or a locker. You can’t just be a writer; you must either be a fiction writer, a non-fiction writer, a historical fiction writer, or a romance non-fiction writer. And you can’t just be a designer; you must either be a graphic designer, a fashion designer, a front-end website designer, or a back-end website designer.

It’s atrocious isn’t it?! So many ways to limit ourselves. So many ways for us to lock ourselves in tiny boxes with no room to breath let alone move and create something wonderful.


Never categorize yourself, don’t limit your potential.

Wonder does not live in the being who labels themselves.
Falsely yours,
A. Nonymous