“Most people go to college to get a degree, not an education.”

~ Arsene Hodali

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It was designed with the intention of bringing forth the issue that most people who go to college and/or university don’t actually do so because they want to learn (get an education); they do so because they want a degree. For they’ve been told that attaining a degree means attaining a steady job and steady future. Which frankly, isn’t true.

A good education will guarantee your future more than a “good” degree. And a good education doesn’t necessarily come from college. (Actually, college might hinder you from getting a good education.) Most people learn how to thrive in this world of ours AFTER college. You can get a good education from a lot more places than college and/or university. You don’t necessarily have to walk the same path everyone does to be successful… And success usually comes AFTER you leave the path everyone else walks on.

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