My dear,

Look around, don’t you find it strange that fashion’s just another term for people dressing like one another? Nothing risqué, everyone’s doing their hardest to fit in and in their struggle they praise others like them, they praise the same people, the mediocre.

And don’t misquote me, when I speak of fashion I’m not just talking about clothes, I’m also speaking of ideas and beliefs.

To the mediocre, mediocrity appears great.

And so the truly great are faced with this dilemma of being seen for monsters, freaks, eccentrics, and misfits. Until that moment when they’re popular enough that they find that everyone’s finally paying attention to them for what they truly are – great. But that’s not the true dilemma, that stems from having to watch as everyone tries to grab a piece of their greatness for themselves by copying them. And they find that everyone’s dressed like them. They are the new fashion, the new mediocre. No longer great, they’re the new “appears great.”

Such is the way.

Falsely yours,