My dear,

Look at us. We live in a world filled with Tumblr and Tumblrettes. A world in which people are known by what they pass around, post on their walls, and tweet. People are known for what they curated purposely, and how well they curated it.

But what happened to all the artists? We’re all collectors now; independent museum owners of sorts. But I ask again, what happened to all the artists? What happened to the people extreme enough to take a craft and use it to express themselves? What happened to the people who’d take months to create something that could be consumed in it’s entirety in less than a five-minutes (like a video)?

I think we’ve lost a lot of people to this idea of ‘taste will get you everywhere.’ We need more people to go out and say, “Nay! Taste will get me far, but being daring enough to create something of substance in this harsh world of ours will get me everywhere and beyond!”

A lot of people have taste, but they’re not daring enough to be creative.

Falsely yours,
William J. Cunningham