My dear,

Don’t hold anything back. I beg you.

Live and love so immensely that when Death comes, there is nothing left for him to take.

Exhaust all the love you have and more. Don’t let an inkling of it stay in your bones, use it all. Give it to the homeless, the rich, the beggars, and the too proud to ask. Give it to your parents, your sons, your daughters, your brothers, and your sisters. Give it all away, and don’t expect any of it back. Go to bed every day exhausted, and in the morning get back to doing it all over again.

Live every day so well that your bones ache and beg for rest every single night of your existence. Give it away to the winds of time, to the trails of adventure, and to the oceans of chaos. Give it all away, replenish, and do it over again.

Live and love so well that when Death comes, all there’s left is the lint in your pockets.

Falsely yours,
Dominic Owen Mallary