My dear,

If I could wish upon you one thing it would be this:

May you not dwell in the past. Whatever the past was, it’s gone. Whether the past was dastardly awful or outrageously wonderful, it is gone. Leave it behind.

May you not dwell in the future. Thinking of that which you shall do. Because, before you realize it, you shan’t. The problem with dwelling in the future is that it’s perfect. Terribly so! In the future you’re happy, beautiful, in love, famous, rich, and successful… somehow. And it is this somehow that will ruin you. Erase “Tomorrow I’ll” from your vocabulary instantly I say. Because tomorrow will never come. Now is here however, and patiently waiting.

May you actually live! Embrace the day at hand. Live in the now. Because it is eternal and unbound. The now doesn’t recognize yesterday’s failures, or tomorrow’s successes. And thus it is truly unchained. And an unchained mind flies.

Live in the now, and you shall sprout wings.

Falsely yours,
Jonathan Swift