My dear,

I want change in manners. I want to see this apathetic society finally take responsibility (it’s been a long time coming). I want change in attitude. I want to see companies care more about the customer and customer experience than they do about swindling and hustling as much money out of them as possible (for is a company’s goal not to serve the customer and not their pockets?).

I may live on the streets, but the thing that’s both terrifying and true is that I seem to be the smartest person around. So no, keep your money, you need it more than I do; I know how to live without the system, I’m self-sustainable and free (and trust me the system doesn’t want people like me, I’m a thinker and completely broke after-all).

No, keep your coins.


And man oh man, I may want change, but you need it, you just don’t realize it.

Falsely yours,
A. Nonymous