My dear,

High school’s a lot like life after it isn’t it?

You’ve got your cool kids, who do anything and everything to look cool, trying to run away from the realization that underneath it all they have little to show. You’ve got your geeks and book carriers, who are the exact opposite, underneath they have it all, but they’re too unsure of themselves to present it well to the public. You’ve got you class presidents, the ones who seem to do everything and more and still have time to party with the cool kids. You’ve also got your drunkards and drug connoisseurs, who live in the moment, and are usually running away from something. But the most tragic of all is that you’ve also got your outcasts, the ones who don’t want to be cool, don’t see a point to doing it all, and who don’t generally excel at what school tells them to excel at. These are the ones we’ve got to nurture in high school, and out. For they can swing either way; they can either rewrite the future of the country drastically for the better, for the worse, or they could just fall out of it and become nobodies.

High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of.

Let’s not let the American experience we lived through in high school go to waste. High school was horrible, let’s make sure everything after isn’t.

Falsely yours,
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.