My dear,

The truth about life is that the wise man tends not to be the one boasting about his wisdom from the roof-tops, but the one locked in the library, frantically trying to learn more because he knows he knows nothing.

He who thinks he knows, doesn’t know. He who knows that he doesn’t know, knows.

We are but a small part of an infinite galaxy.

As we learn more we are slowly let in on on just how vast that galaxy is. And thus the wise see themselves for what they truly are, while the not see themselves as the center of it all.

Compare it to two goldfish inside a bowl inside an ocean; one only notices the bowl and sees themselves as the biggest thing in that bowl, so they boast. The other sees the bowl, and the ocean beyond it, and they notice the ocean is filled with sharks, and beasts a thousands times their size. With such a clear view of all facts, they daren’t boast.

Falsely yours,
Joseph John Campbell