My dear,

The television craze is a damnation.

The airwaves are polluted with signals that send images of reality shows about housewives, pageants, dance shows, millionaires and their money, homeless people and their lack of money, parking enforcers, law enforces, enforcers with model looks, investigators with model looks, investigators with drug problems, middle-aged men with drug problems, middle-aged men with women problems, middle-aged women with men problems, problems with the world, first-world problems, scantily clad women, scantily clad women, and commercials, commercials, commercials…

The television craze is an abomination. It doesn’t deserve life, and we need to end it!

It’s gotten so bad that half the time the people on TV, they’re watching TV!

And yet here we are, good old mindless, I don’t want to think too hard, America. Here we sit on our La-Z Boy couches, with our TV dinners, watching our TV thrillers.

What the fuck happened to reading a book!

Falsely yours,
Lynne Ramsay