My dear,

All good things come by grace, and grace comes by art, and art does not come easy.

If you can’t stand difficult, don’t be an artist.

Creating art is the biggest and longest battle you’ll ever have to face. There are no paths to follow, no people pointing the way, and nobody patting you on the back when you fail. And on top of all that you’re fighting people that constantly tell you being an artist will make you poor, people saying that what you do isn’t art, and that maybe you should just leave it for somebody more talented to do. (But what’s talent anyway?)

And of course, artists starve. That’s the harsh truth.

But, see if you can keep going, you start gaining grace in your steps, and if you head out even further you get an oopurtunity to create something that few people do – you get to create something good.

Falsely yours,
Norman Fitzroy Maclean