My dear,

Stand in awe at the girls with too many books to read and not enough time. Revere the boys who keep learning about everything when the world tells them to stick to something. Respect the girls who ask questions while everyone tell them to shut up. And admire the guys who’ve found that making things interests them more than talking, and talking about making things.

…Praise the woman who’s forgotten to eat, not because she’s absent minded or fasting, but because she was that entrenched with her work. Do not mock, but instead think highly of the man who hasn’t showered for weeks on end, and all he has to show for it is that he’s created something that’ll change the world forever.

The naysers have today. The mockers and cynics have yesterday. But the curious and disciplined have tomorrow.

The future belongs to the curious.

And that’s all that counts.

Falsely yours,
A. Nonymous