My dear,

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

The Fates are cruel. They take great opportunities, wrap them up in impossibilities, miseries, and hard-to-do’s, and then throw it all our way and see what we do with it.

And do you know what we do? We run. And we run fast. We don’t want all that trouble and hardship; let someone else deal with all that.

And do you know what that someone else does with that? They lay it bare. They, having no option but to be strong, become strong. They stand their ground and they strip off the hard-to-do’s, the miseries, and the impossibilities, and rediscover, beneath it all, all the great opportunities. And they use these new opportunities to grow even stronger.

And do you know what we do? We come back and complain. Complain about how it’s not fair these beings got these opportunities we weren’t given. Oh, what such tragic beings we be. To know how foolish we are, and yet still be.

Falsely yours,
Charles Rozell “Chuck” Swindoll