My dear,

In the end, when you choose to become a revolutionary, a world changer, a social-norm wrecker, you have one of two choices:

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

The revolutionary who dies at the height of their power, their struggle, their peace, will die and continue to be praised as a figure-head forevermore. They will be celebrated yearly until their city’s great great great great grandsons forget who they were.

But if that revolutionary stays in power, they will overstay their welcome; the people will hate where they once used to love. They will call the hero the new tyrant, and clamor for a new hero to replace him.

People clamor for change (even if that change is one of negative consequences), if you’re not providing it – they will hate you and make you their villain.

Falsely yours,
Harvey Dent