My dear,

You can do anything in the world.

Seriously, I’m not joking. You can do anything you want, your parents didn’t lie to you.

You can be the best football player in the world, you can writer the best book in the world, you can make the highest grossing movie of all time, you can become incredibly rich materially or spiritually, you can climb the tallest mountain in the world, you can swim the deepest ocean in the world, you can even go out of this world and into space, and you can even be truly happy (the hardest thing to do).

But you must pick one. Conquer one great feat at a time. If you try to do everything you want to do at once then you’re just going to fail at eveything and succeed at nothing. Pick one, and focus until you’ve accomplished it. And then, if you still have time, move on to the next.

You can do anything, but not everything.

Falsely yours,
David Allen