My dear,

Every now and then, bite off more than you can chew.

Every now and then, find something that you cannot possibly do, and do it.

Do it because you know you’ll fail. Do it to push yourself… Do it so you become comfortable with failure.

The pond fish that stays in it’s own small pond has no worries. Life is great, it’s the biggest fish in the pool, and no one and nothing challenges it. But the pond fish that jumps into the ocean, it has fears every day. It fears that it’s not adequate, that it can’t possibly handle all the waves it’ll come across, and that sooner or later the ocean will consume it whole.

But although it’s scared every day, the fish in the ocean knows true exciment, through strength, and true courage. Although it’s scared every day, it’s more alive than the pond fish can ever be.

Falsely yours,
Kobi Yamada