My dear,

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Art is not a race to be won by crossing a finish line at a certain distance. Art is not about capturing something ‘perfect’ and showing it to the world.

Are is about the imperfectness of it all, of life. Art is a teacher that teaches that this thing we’re doing is not about coming in first (whatever that means). Art shouts to us that we are all different and yet similar at the same time. It screams that this is not a race for we’re all running in different directions.

Art teaches us that we are never done learning, never done exploring, never done growing. And yet at the same times whispers that although we aren’t done growing we should constantly put ourselves out there like it does. Art is eternally unfinished and it knows that… And that’s the point.

Falsely yours,
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci